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The Kruisbessen 'Proef'tuin is a specilaised tree shop with a very wide assortment of hardy berries and fruits. The emphasis is mainly on disease-free varieties that do perfectly in our climate. Choices are made on the basis of plants that first proved their worth in our experimental garden. This means that we know all the varieties on offer from our own experience.

We are happy to share our experiences and you are always welcome to come and assess your choice on the spot or make your choice through a visit. The doors open every year (first weekend of July) for people who are curious about what lies behind the 'Trial Garden', who want to plant berries in the broad sense of the word, or who have problems with the berries in their own garden, or who want to wander for a few hours among the berries and fruit trees through the ecologically inspired garden....

Also outside the open garden days we like to take some time off to let you admire the collection and to give you a word of explanation (a prior appointment of course).

And if you are still looking for something specific that you can't find in this webshop, be sure to let us know! We like to be inspired

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Blackberries are fruits that grow on prickly bushes in nature. For cultivation, mainly thornless varieties are used, although certain spiny varieties give larger and more aromatic berries than the thornless ones.
Blackberries usually grow with long, limp stems that can grow several metres long. So a support is needed to keep these stems off the ground. There are several cultivation techniques but we refer you to the technical data sheets for more details.
The term framberries was introduced for crosses between common blackberries (Rubus frutocosus) and other species. Also closely related species are often referred to under this group name.

Here you can find an overview of our available blackberry varieties (with or without spines).


Blueberries have a clear preference for a permeable soil that is still moisture-holding and contains a lot of organic material. It is also preferable that the acidity of the soil is not high (<5.4). A sunny spot is desirable, but half shade is also sufficient.
Shrubs grow about 1 to 1.5 metres high and there are both broad growing and upright varieties. Harvesting time runs from the first weeks of July to October depending on the variety.

List of our available varieties of blueberries

Cranberries / Veenbessen - Bosbessen (Rode en blauwe)


Table grapes (Vitis vinifera ssp. vinifera) are the best choice if you want to grow your own grapes in the garden.
Contrary to wine grapes, table grapes are not intended for wine production, but are eaten like any other fruit (from the fist). Table grapes usually also have considerably larger grapes on a loose bunch. They often contain less natural sugars than wine grapes.
Table grapes come in white or yellow, in addition to dark blue and pink. There are those that contain pips, are low in pips or completely seedless.

Grape plants are naturally quite susceptible to fungal diseases such as mildew, downy mildew and grey mould. Fungus resistant grape varieties are therefore recommended for planting in the garden.

Here is the list of available grape varieties

Bij de kruisbessen Proeftuin geloven we sterk in tuinieren met respect voor de natuur. Ondermeer ingegeven door onze opleiding biologie-plantkunde. Ons streven is dan ook om geen hulpproducten te moeten inzetten om een gezond gewas te bekomen. Vanuit een doorgedreven rasselectie lukt dit vrij aardig, en wat is er (h)eerlijker dan een vrucht die je uit je eigen tuin haalt en waarvan je met zekerheid weet dat die niet behandeld is met hulpstoffen...

Bij het selectiewerk van planten gaan we steeds uit van de natuurlijke sterkte van de planten en we willen ook steeds eerst alles zelf evalueren wat de kwaliteiten van een ras zijn, voordat we er positieve of minder positieve dingen kunnen over zeggen.

Omdat andere tuiniers geïnteresseerd werden in onze selectiemethode en geschikte rassen zijn we geleidelijk gestart om deze te commercialiseren. Waarvan u hier her resultaat ziet.



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